Thursday, September 14, 2017

Calder Art

What is this art?This is a silhouette and blending art and it is for our family to see.

How I made it?I got a pecs of paper and draw some silhouette on it.Then I did a back ground on a draft pecs of paper and then I did a good cope and caller it in with crayon.Next I cut the silhouette out and draw it on black pecs of paper. Finally I glow it on to the back ground.

 Which learning muscles I used?I used  my
persistence and determination muscles.  

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tree Monster

                                                        TREE MONSTER                                                                              1.Is it real.- description 
2. Setting 
3. Hurt someone 
4. solution 

 What is that is that real. Woo is that a footprint for the hideous monster I heard about in a book that is a legend. Is it over there I think it is “I mite go clozer” . The hideous monster is so hunger that It can eat anything like bats and snakes. When it eat all of the bats and snakes all until he found a cave This hideous monster creep lived in a very far dark cave with lot’s of bats and snakes. O no it is coming out “hid” and take a picture so everyone know that it's real“quick”before it goes back into his home and hibernate again for 100 years and it is a legend from the past and it is rare so get the photo .Running frow the dark forest as I see a little boy chomp! Comp! As the little boy ran for his life.the monster says “ get back here so I can finish hurting you now” “ no you're not”. As I see A little boy raning I look behind him and some think tall is chasing him I start to run to the little boy trying to help him I finally get to him I whent to take The takile him smash as I hit into him biy his hip.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

WALT ask open ended Questions and write full Answers

1. When did the Rugby Sevens first start in the Olympics and why?
Rugby sevens first started in 2016 before it was just Rugby union. Rugby has not been in the olympics since 1924.  They decided to have rugby back into the olympics in 2016.
2. What is different about rugby sevens to fifteens
There are 7 people on each team but in fifteens there are 15. The scrum has 3 players from each team. In fifteens there are 8 in the scrum from each team.  Each half is seven minutes. In fifteens each half is 40 minutes. Half time in sevens is 2 minutes long and in fifteens half time is 15 minutes.
3. How many countries/teams compete in The Olympic Rugby
There was 24 men's and women's teams competing in the olympic rugby sevens. In the men's tournaments,pool a has in it Fiji,Argentina,USA and brazil. Pool B has south africa, australia, france and spain. Pool C has in it NZ Great Britain, Kenya and Japan.
4. What country is the best sevens rugby olympic team for 2016, men and women?
For men's  rugby sevens Fiji came 1st and got a gold medal and for women's Australia won and got a gold medal. Great Britain came second in men's and got a silver and bronze it was South Africa.For women's NZ got the silver.  

I made a rugby sevens olympic board game in class at parkvale school. We made it for fun and for other people to play. This is how i made it.
You will need;
  • Cardboard
  • A Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Paper   
  • Vivid
  • Playing pieces

This is how you play it;
  • You need to find 3 more people to play with you
  • You also need two dice ,the board, and 4 playing pieces
  • To start the game you need to roll the dice how many numbers on the dice is how much spaces you go
  • You can keep playing until you feel like stopping  

When I finished I felt proud of my work and of me. It was challenging thinking of what to write in each square on the board game. I used my persevering learning muscle.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Skate park

        SKATE PARK
  1. Tricks I can do
  2. scared
  3. Falling off
  4. Boring raba
  5. People screaming

I see people doing awesome tricks on there scooter and they are my brother that are doing them. People are coming and going with food or not.  My brother Crighton was riding a skateboard and Camo was riding his friend bmx. I did a triple barspin double x-up off the ramp.

I feel scared in the boll because someone might come down the ramp and hit me off my bike while I'm in there. My brother came zooming down the ramp on his skateboard and nelly hit me of. He just mist me because I jump back. I quickly run up the ramp and tried not falling over wily running to the ramp that gets you up.

I wonder if I well folly of doing a cool trick on my  scooter. I am going to fall off if I try do a double tailwhip flat on no ramp.If I don't move I might folly of by getting hit of I was thinking to myself.”oww” I side to myself I went over to the shop and bought a plaster and pot it on me.     

I smale boning raba of my brother friends bmx wheel from doing skirts and mounting the tire so it go flat. All some I smale chips “how has them”I said I look around to see how has them “its my mum” I said. “ALL some” I said cause I am hungry for some chips. By mum I am going to do some tricks.

I hear people screaming from the top of there voice. People are doing tricks and folding of and screaming. But I do tricks and fool of  but do not scream. My brother fool of and scream all the time.